The Most Common Reasons Homeowners Choose Texas Home Buyers

When homeowners choose to work with us, they are motivated by our flexibility in what types of homes we buy, our localized business practices, our expertise in handling inherited homes, and our efficiency.
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By Kaitlyn Watson

Contact: kaitlyn@texashb.com

Being a homeowner causes a lot of fatigue when it comes to deciding what is next for your property. When facing an oversaturated market of home buyers, an unwanted inherited property, hidden fees around every corner, overwhelming flood damage, and a lack of time to figure everything out, the process of selling your home can become the biggest headache of all.

At Texas Home Buyers, our team of seasoned real estate professionals aims to streamline your home selling process and make it as simple as possible while still giving you a fair cash offer for your home.

Our home sellers come to us for a number of reasons, searching for what their next steps should be when seeking a cash offer for their home. When homeowners choose to work with us, they are motivated by our flexibility in what types of homes we buy, our localized business practices, our expertise in handling inherited homes, and our efficiency. 

We Buy As-Is

Since the Texas Home Buyers team operates entirely out of Houston, Texas, our company is no stranger to the drastic weather and natural disasters that Houstonians often face. The repercussions of a hurricane or a major tropical storm in our city are often devastating to many of our neighbors.

Many residents have already suffered through significant water damage this year. According to the University of Houston, “Two out of every five Harris County respondents suffered water damage from pipes that burst,” during the winter freeze that swept the entire state of Texas.

When natural disasters like these occur, we are able to buy homes that have become a burden on local homeowners. When renovation is out of the question, financially, we offer a simpler solution that handles the problem for you.

When we give you cash for your home, you are left with the freedom and flexibility to move in a timely manner and avoid all of the stress of renovating your home. 

Local home seller Lisa M. noted in a testimony on texashb.com that she, “Greatly recommend[s] Texas Home Buyers for the great experience in selling my flooded mother-in-law’s house in Kingwood, Texas,” for these reasons. 

We are Local to Houstonians

Many people feel that supporting local businesses in the community they live in is important to them as a way to give back. While Houston is a large and incredibly diverse city, we pride ourselves on serving the entire area and surrounding areas.

What sets us apart from the rest is that most home buying companies with the same spending power as Texas Home Buyers are generally run from out of state. These iBuyers are not local to Houston, or even Texas. For people that believe in doing everything locally, Texas Home Buyers is the right solution for their home selling needs.

We are the Solution to an Unwanted Inherited Home

We are the team that people turn to when they are at a loss for how to move forward with their unwanted inherited property. When a homeowner has unexpectedly inherited a home they do not want, it is difficult for them to imagine pouring funds into it in order to repair and update it to be listed on the traditional market for modern standards. 

These modifications all take place before the selling process even begins. After waiting through the probate process, these homeowners might be even more impatient to sell and move on. Texas Home Buyers is the easiest solution for people looking to sell their inherited homes quickly.

This is appealing to home sellers in this scenario because we buy homes without asking the homeowners to perform any repairs or maintenance.  

We Offer a Faster Turnaround

People choose the Texas Home Buyers team when they are looking to move quickly and take the most efficient route to getting cash for their house. We promise a fair cash offer for your home as-is and a speedy process that we can execute without cutting corners that negatively affect the seller. When a homeowner is in a financial bind, needing to move cities or states on a deadline, we offer one of the fastest closing options in real estate.

Home seller Aaron C. said in a testimonial on texashb.com, “When I had to switch jobs, I had to move to a different city. I went right to the same realtor group whom I bought my home from 10 years ago. I needed to sell fast and move on, but they kept putting me off so I had to look for a different solution. Finally, I found Texas Home Buyers. They gave me a fair cash offer and we were able to close fast so that I could get settled at my new job.” 

Home seller Mike N. also appreciated that we have one of the fastest closing options in real estate, stating on texashb.com, “I needed to sell my home quickly and Texas Home Buyers allowed me to choose my closing date! They made the selling process seamless and stress free. I was able to quickly close and move on with my life.” 

If you are looking for the speediest solution to selling your home for cash, contact us today at texashb.com.