Selling Your Home As-Is: What Does It Mean?

Whether your home is in disarray or suffering from devastating flood damage, we value our Texan home sellers and their property throughout the entire selling process.
traffic sign submerged in flood water

By Kaitlyn Watson

Contact: kaitlyn@texashb.com

People choose to sell their homes sooner rather than later for many diverse reasons. Whether your family is dealing with an unwanted inherited property in the aftermath of losing a relative, or looking to quickly move homes before school begins after summer break, you may be looking for the most “no strings attached,” option on the market when it comes to selling your home fast for cash.  

When facing foreclosure or any number of financial burdens, expensive renovations and updates on your home can be far out of reach. If a family is struggling to make ends meet in their daily life, it is hard to imagine spending at least 10% of the overall selling price on fees and preparation that are now necessary to sell a home on the traditional real estate market.

Where Does Texas Home Buyers Come In?

Selling your home to a cash buyer, such as Texas Home Buyers, can be your most attractive solution to selling your home without having to deal with strenuous renovations and projects that end up taking twice as long as they were expected to. When time or a lack of funds to repair your home are major concerns for selling your home quickly, we can be the team that relieves you and your family of these burdens.

Buying homes “as-is,” is especially important to our mission because it means we buy homes in any condition. Whether your home is in disarray or suffering from devastating flood damage, we value our Texan home sellers and their property throughout the entire selling process.

Helping Texans Move on From Their Flood Damaged Homes 

Texas Home Buyers is a local home buying company based in Houston, Texas. This means that we are basically neighbors, or sometimes actual neighbors, with the homeowners that sell to us. Whereas non-local iBuyers companies do not experience the full extent of hurricane devastation that Houstonians and Texans are far too familiar with, we experience it right alongside them.

Buying homes as-is means that we have bought, and will continue to buy homes that have flooded more than once in the future. While other cash home buyers that are unfamiliar with how Houston homeowners have struggled through Hurricane Harvey and Tropical Storm Imelda sometimes refuse to buy homes that have flooded once or twice, our team works hard to ensure that purchasing homes in distress can give our community more options when selling their homes.

The Complexity of Inheriting a Family Home

When you are faced with inheriting a home, or a portion of a home, after a relative passes away it can be a time of extremely heightened emotions and important decisions for your family to make. The same struggles and obstacles that come with renovating your own home can be applied to your new inherited property, if they are not also more intense in this situation.

An inherited home may be full of problems that a homeowner has never faced before. When navigating what to do with your inherited property, a cash offer might be the most appealing offer if you are looking for a choice that takes much less time, money, and decision making. When you sell your inherited property as-is to Texas Home Buyers, we are able to take the burden of renovation off of your back while offering a fast cash solution for anyone looking to liquidate this newly acquired asset quickly.