The Truth About Selling Your Home to An “iBuyer”

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by Kaitlyn Watson

What is an iBuyer?

An “iBuyer” is essentially a large, usually nationally known, real estate company that purchases homes from online users of their services. The main attraction of these companies is that you can generally sell your home very fast when under the circumstances of moving cities, changing living situations, inheriting a property, and other extenuating circumstances. Situations where time, and a lack of it, is a major driving factor for the home seller are where these companies come into your life, and where Texas Home Buyers would fit into your needs as well. However, the difference in experience when using our services compared to the other guys is vast when the facts are examined.

What Are You Risking When Selling Your Home to an iBuyer?

Algorithms Over People

When utilizing an iBuyer service, your home and its value are being appraised by an algorithm rather than a real person who is familiar with the area you live in. In the Texas Home Buyers office, our team members all hail from Houston and the surrounding areas. What cannot be beat by an iBuyer, in this case, is that your home selling process will be handled by fellow Texans from beginning to end. No one knows your neighborhood quite like your neighbors.

Selling your home or an inherited property can be an extremely emotional ordeal based on different circumstances, and Texas Home Buyers respects every step of your journey in making this decision. This is something our professionals take seriously from the first conversation with a homeowner and far past the point of a deal being made with you and your family. Our relationship with sellers and potential sellers is something we value nurturing from our first phone call, and we are wholly dedicated to providing the most human experience for you while we quicken and simplify your home selling process.

Lack of Convenience

A strength that many nationwide iBuyer companies rely on is “convenience,” but the truth might be the opposite when compared to a more niche, local home buying company. Texas Home Buyers is able to promise a cash offer for your house only 24 hours after we evaluate your home in person because we have a team dedicated to only serving your area. Some larger companies do not have the local resources necessary to get a representative out to your property in 36 hours, or even up to a week after you have inquired. Having a hardworking group at our office that is dedicated to serving property owners in the Houston area means that we are able to come evaluate your home on the same day of inquiry, if it suits you.

As a consumer dealing with these iBuyer companies, you are left with one pressing question. If they are a large company with seemingly endless resources, why does it feel like they are doing less for me than a smaller, local home buying company? When dealing with the less flattering truths of working with this model of company, consumers begin to wonder if an iBuyer company is simply relying on their national brand name recognition rather than the natural trustworthiness that comes from being a pillar of our local community.

Supporting Local Businesses

While most people can admit to feeling partial towards their hometown or their current city of residence, the challenges of 2020 brought a new perspective when it comes to supporting local businesses in every aspect of your daily life. The COVID-19 pandemic, amongst natural disasters and other unprecedented obstacles that Texans were faced with, has taught many of us to be more conscious about who earns a consumer’s patronage and who will be there for their community when the going gets tough.

If working with local Houstonians to have an overall better experience when following through with the decision to sell your home, contact us here today to see about a quick and painless cash offer with no strings attached.