Moving to the Right Neighborhood for Your Family

moving into a new home

Looking for a new place to call home when moving can be as important as the home itself. Houston is a diverse city, bursting with neighborhoods and surrounding suburbs that offer different strengths. There are many diverse areas to choose from when looking to settle down in a new neighborhood.

Many factors can affect location when looking for a new home. Proximity to work and extended family members can influence heavily. The specific neighborhood you choose to live in can be an important decision.

Moving Into the Best School Zones 

One of the biggest factors when moving with children is the school zone your future home falls into. Same families move during the summer months on purpose in order to move their children to a different school seamlessly. Even if having children is a distant plan, homeowners often still have that variable on their mind. Deciding where to buy a home means deciding where the children will get an education.

Researching public school districts may be a top priority when moving into a new neighborhood. The top rated independent school districts in the Greater Houston area, according to niche.com, include Friendswood ISD, Katy ISD, and Tomball ISD.

Gauging Your Property Taxes

Property taxes are something that every homeowner and property owner must think about. When budgeting living expenses, taxes are a factor that no one can afford to overlook. Researching what type of home one can afford to own and upkeep is crucial.

Texans pay an average of about 1.81 percent on annual property taxes. This can be a diverse range of different dollar amounts, ranging from $4,260 as a median annual property tax amount in Fort Bend County, to $755 as the median in Polk County. You can see more areas and their specific property tax rates here

Safety & Crime Rates

Safety and crime rates are a top research priority for families looking for a new neighborhood to call home. Crime rates are usually gauged using the scope of an entire city or metropolitan area. These days, modernized websites like city-data.com offer interactive maps broken down by neighborhood that allow potential residents to see a more localized and specific report of crime.

Geography & Topography

A property’s value is greatly determined by its surroundings, or its lack thereof. Whether it be a beautiful view, waterside location, or proximity to a large city, everything counts. For Houstonians, we have to look out for flood zones due to our tumultuous annual hurricane season.

Taking preventative measures against home damage from tropical storms and hurricanes can be second nature to many Texans. Some homeowners cautiously look only at homes outside of flood zones to avoid encountering water damage again. To avoid buying in flood zones, use these resources on which Houston area neighborhoods have been prone to flooding. 

Learning a Property Value Before Moving

Do not be afraid to ask your realtor as many questions as you need before deciding on buying a home. Usually, homes in the same area sell for a price within the same range. The price range of other homes will determine the property value of the area, generally. Homeowners can ask to see the listings of comparable homes in the area from their real estate agent’s resources. It is important to ensure the home is valued correctly. Some helpful questions to ask include, “What are the comps in this area?” and “What is the projected growth rate for this area?”