How Houston Homeowners Can Make Extra Cash With Airbnb

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What is Airbnb? 

Homeowners and guests have given this company a solid reputation in the tech age. Airbnb is a vacation rental company that has gained increasing popularity over recent years. It has been named the world’s fastest growing travel website for short term rentals. Culturally, Airbnb has permanently altered how some people travel and vacation. 

There are several appealing factors that some travelers find in using Airbnb over a more traditional hotel stay. Frequent Airbnb users benefit from the lower cost of Airbnb rentals in comparison to more traditional spaces. Fans of the service often enjoy the aspect of being completely immersed in a community or neighborhood. These people prefer a short term rental to being confined to a hotel in a more traditional tourist location.

In contrast, there are a fair share of concerns about choosing Airbnb over a traditional hotel or bed and breakfast. Now that the service has become a household name, the negative side of it becomes apparent. In direct relation to Airbnb rentals, neighborhoods and communities have noticed an increase in housing costs, and increasing acts of gentrification

How to Make Airbnb Work for Your Houston Home

Becoming an Airbnb host out of your home to supplement your primary income requires a few steps for homeowners. To start, homeowners need a legally registered address and proof of identity. This comes in the form of a driver’s license, state issued ID or passport. Also necessary is insurance in the potential Airbnb host’s name. This covers any personal property damage that may happen during a guest’s stay.

Further, your home needs to provide safe and clean accommodations for any potential guests. A functional and acceptable space would include beds, heating and cooling, fresh linens, and more. Additionally, guests will prefer to have a well lit area to maneuver safely into the home at night. 

The proper legal documents and materials to become a host are imporant. Equally important is the will to go into this with the desire to share a space you own with guests. Spaces big and small, private and shared, can all find renters who are interested on Airbnb. The main factor is that homeowners must be comfortable with the idea of strangers on their property. 

How Homeowners Can Profit

When looking to become an Airbnb host to bring in some extra cash, there are several ways to ensure that this is a supplement to your income rather than another burden

Depending on location, neighborhood, and the amount of space you have available to rent, the amount that an individual host can earn from hosting on Airbnb can fluctuate. Busy cities like Houston can provide ample opportunity to host out-of-town guests every night of the week. 

Many Airbnb hosts rent out an entire property. Homeowners with less space to offer can also rent out singular spare bedrooms and guest houses. This option attracts many travelers who are not staying long term and allows the host to have a higher turnaround rate of guests. 

Airbnb, like many apps of its kind that have gained huge popularity in the 2010s, allows and prompts both guests and hosts to rate their experiences with both the app and the people they interact with because of it. Having a higher rating allows you to be more trusted by potential guests and eventually, see more bookings and profit because of it.

Tips for Homeowners to Gain and Maintain a High Rating on Airbnb: 

  • Give your guests simple and concise instructions to improve their stay. Make sure there is no confusion or miscommunication about rules, how to access the property, and the expectations you have of them during and after their stay. 
  • Provide your guests with a check-in guide if you are not going to physically be at the property when they check in.
  • Communicate and generate a good standing relationship with your guests prior to their arrival and during their stay. If there are questions they may have that you did not preemptively answer in your instructions, make yourself very accessible and open to communication. 
  • Make your guests feel comfortable, send any Wi-Fi passwords or technological information they may need about their accommodations. 
  • Use professional or professional grade photos for your listing. Make sure to capture your property in a flattering light, but not purposely hide any potential flaws that the guest may eventually notice anyways.