Texas Home Buyers helps in wake of Hurricane Laura


On August 27th, Louisiana residents were victims of one of the most powerful storms in US history, Hurricane Laura. Winds maxing out at 150 miles per hour and up to 18 inches of rain in some areas. Roads, homes, and buildings were slammed with some of the most severe weather the state has seen since Hurricane Katrina. 

  • 1.5 million people were under an evacuation order as the storm gained strength in the Gulf of Mexico
  • Over 900,000 people lost electricity
  • The storm came and went quickly, but experts estimate it left $8 to $12 billion in damages in its wake
  • Created a storm of 9 to 12 feet 
  • 10 people lost their lives in the storm

Experts estimate that many homes and businesses will be without power for weeks. The hurricane also impacted most of the water service in Lake Charles, which means many residents will be without clean water for a while, too. Trees were toppled, roads were flooded, power lines were down and buildings were destroyed. 

As a Houston based company, we were immediately reminded of the destruction and devastation from when Hurricane Harvery came through in 2017. In six days, the massive storm made landfall three different times and ended up the second-most costly hurricane to hit the U.S. mainland since 1900. We personally experienced property damage and losses. We’re thankful for the contactors, first responders, and other industry professionals who drove through the night and across state lines to offer food and supplies when we were most vulnerable. 

On Tuesday morning, members of the Texas Home Buyers team loaded up trucks and cars with food and emergency supplies and headed across state lines into the chaos and devastation caused by Hurricane Laura. Not long after crossing into Louisiana, the effects of the storm were apparent. 

“Some houses were completely demolished, the roofs of churches were caving in, and we saw business owners picking through the rubble of their stores and offices,” states Corey Aiken, V.P of Acquisitions. 

As soon as the team arrived in Louisiana, they got to work. The team found a safe and empty parking lot and set up tents with food; cars started to come through. Louisiana residents lined up for miles in Miles Bluff, and Texas Home Buyers were able to feed over 1500 people and hear their stories. Water was provided to first responders and contractors who were already hard at work repairing damages and serving the community. The team fired up a grill and served hot meals to families, also snacks provided for kids, and handed out fresh produce to those in need.

Members of the team were able to meet great people who were ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work. Not just to help themselves but to help their neighbors as well. Despite the efforts being made in the community, thousands of people are still in emergency lodging, uncertain about what the next few days and weeks will look like as they pick up the pieces from the storm. 

Texas Home Buyers is proud to be a pivotal sponsor in relief efforts. We are also proud that our team helped families within hours after one of the scariest nights of their lives. Our fellow neighbors are friendly, welcoming, resilient, and tough. They were already working hard to help each other, and we were just thankful to stand by them. 

Texas Home Buyers is about people first. When our team heard people were in need, we were eager to pack up, ship out, and find ways to serve. We implore others to do the same, if you’re looking for a way to serve those impacted by the storm, click here.