Decluttering Is the Home Improvement for a Better Life

However hard it might be to put a steady organizational system in place in your home, it will be worth it if the disorganization is causing you to lose money and sleep in the long run. 
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An American Clutter Problem 

The most impactful home improvement project requires no power tools. If your home is becoming more cluttered, you are not alone among American homeowners and renters. Many people see clutter as too overwhelming to tackle at all. Over half of Americans admit to having “too much stuff. Over one third of Americans said they experienced “extreme anxiety” about their own clutter issues.

While many people pledge to resolve their clutter in order to sleep better at night, it can be an overwhelming. However hard it seems to put a steady organizational system in place in your home, it will be worth it. Disorganization is costing your to lose money and sleep, in the long run.

The Cost of Clutter

Getting rid of clutter is beneficial for vanity’s sake, as well as your peace of mind. Unfortunately, a lack of organization could be costing you more than your sanity. Amidst clutter, people often displace paper bills and mail. Homeowners then face the adverse effects through late and overdraft fees.

Additionally, working in a cluttered environment negatively impacts your productivity and behavior. Many people saw the effects of attempting to work in a distracting home space during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The cost of clutter can be simple at times, and more complex at others. When you add up the time wasted searching for important documents and items, it becomes a larger problem. This may also take a toll on your health. Clutter causes or attributes to different levels of stress, anxiety, and depression in some Americans. 

When starting a home improvement journey, you may think of big renovation projects first. Many homeowners want to see the most payoff in their space as soon as possible. However, considering a serious decluttering of your home might be the relief you need. Making your home feel new again is possible through the power of decluttering.

Approaching Clutter & Home Improvement Project

The benefits of living and working in an organized space heavily outweigh the instinct to procrastinate. It is important to keep your eye on the prize of less stress and more financial freedom. 

A tip for taking your first step towards tackling your clutter is to start at just 5 minutes a day. If you are lucky, you will end up on a roll. You may even realize that this project is not as overwhelming as initially thought. On the first day, you can knock out a significant portion of the biggest stressor in your life.

Another way to help yourself is to create a decluttering checklist. It is much easier to process an overwhelming task if you break it down into smaller subcategories. Start with your home office or your desk on day one. Then, think of a strategy for common spaces like the living room and bedrooms. 

As an extra motivator, you can also take “Before” and “After” photos of your home improvement project for personal use. Sharing with friends and family on social media is also encouraged. You may think that your clutter is shameful, but we know that over 50% of Americans are facing it too. If you share your decluttering process, you might just motivate someone else to do the same. 

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