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I Inherited A Property I Don’t Want. Now What?!

Sometimes, when a loved one passes away and leaves you a piece of property as part of your inheritance, it’s a blessing. Other times, it can be more of a burden. If you find yourself in a situation where you’ve inherited property that you don’t

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Everything You Need To Know About All-Cash Offers

Everything You Need To Know About All-Cash Offers  An all-cash offer is exactly what it sounds like: it happens when a buyer wants to skip the lending/financing step in the home buying process and offer you cash for your home. As a seller, this is

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Texas Home Buyers helps in wake of Hurricane Laura

On August 27th, Louisiana residents were victims of one of the most powerful storms in US history, Hurricane Laura. Winds maxing out at 150 miles per hour and up to 18 inches of rain in some areas. Roads, homes, and buildings were slammed with some

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Sell Your House As Is And Still Make A Profit

Sometimes, you just don’t have the time, money, or resources to upgrade and renovate a property to sell. When time is not on your side, and you need to sell your property quickly, selling it as is can be more profitable than you think. When

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Sell Your Rental: Tired Landlords

Tired Landlords: Ready To Sell Your Rental Property? Being a landlord can be a great way to make money, diversify your investment portfolio, and meet new people. It can be a steady stream of passive income, but that doesn’t mean landlords get to sit back

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Low-Budget Ways To Update Your Outdated House

Steps For Your To Update Your Outdated House If your home is outdated and you’re thinking about selling at market value then you’re probably wondering about hiring electricians, painters, plumbers, purchasing all new cabinets, and… WOW! Slow down there. There is no reason to go

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How will Coronavirus impact the housing market?

With the arrival of Spring, the housing market shifts from a “buyers market” to a “seller’s market”. However, this year the blossoming flowers that can make a house look that much nicer are showing up alongside the less reassuring news of a virus circling the

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Sell My Home During The Coronavirus?

Homeowners are asking, “Should I Sell My Home During The Coronavirus?” Spring season is usually “prime-time” for home selling, but this spring season is a whole new ballgame. With the coronavirus intensifying and pushing the economy in a tailspin, many homeowners are asking the same

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Selling Your Home To An Investor

Benefits of selling your home to an investor such as Texas Home Buyers It’s simple. Selling an outdated house can be challenging if you’re looking for the best possible price. When selling your home to an investor, you will avoid the challenges that come with

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